Our Raman microscopes can identify particles as small as 500 nm.

Since 2000 we are working on the development of high throughput Raman instruments. With our recent development we collect reliable spectra down to 500 nm particles and even smaller with a previously unseen sensitivity. Raman Spectroscopy is our standard tool providing you with fingerprint spectra of any organic and inorganic compound. Through our automation we are able to deliver statistically meaningfull results. With this analysis we can quicly identify major contamination sources of your samples.

About 90% of all inorganic and organic materials are ascertainable with Raman spectroscopy.

Advantages of Raman microscopy over FTIR include:

Measurement through vitreous humor or in aqueous solutions (native particles)

Measurement of particles on 500 nm

Aligning camera detection systems (image recognition) with the detector and laser systems accurate to the submicrometer

Examples of Applications:

Foreign Particles in Dry Powder Inhaler

Troubleshooting in clean production processes

Fast chemical mapping of a Dry Powder Inhaler Formulation

Identification of Particulate Matter - Reject Small Volume Patentral

Product Fact Sheets:

Particle Source in Respiratory Drugs

Particle Source in Parenterals