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Check of parts cleanliness:

Preparation of the Test Solution – Our qualified staff tests the cleanliness of all equipment and utilized media. We clean your components according to your instructions in our cleaning stand or our ultrasonic bath.

Filtration – The test solution is filtered through a membrane filter in a controlled cleanliness cabinet.

Gravimetry – Before and after filtration, the filter is weighed accurately to within 0.01 mg, to determine the particle mass on the basis of the net mass gain.

Particle Counting – Depending on the purity class, the filter is analyzed in an automated measuring microscope, the Single Particle Explorer or the Particle Finder. As a result, the particle size distribution and the shape of the particles is determined.

Particle Identification – The Particle Explorers allow the quantitatively reliable determination of the chemical composition of the particles. It is further possible to distinguish between metallic and non-metallic contaminants. We can verify the result on the basis of your material samples.

Report Generation – You receive the results of your routine examination in the form of an individually formatted report in compliance with ISO 4406/4407 or VDA Vol. 19 in German or English. You can compare the result of the component cleanliness examination directly with your customers’ demands or pass the report on to your customers.

Your contact for more information: www.partscleanliness.com.